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I will evaluate the health of your hive and check for any diseases or pests. Afterwards, I'll provide you with a detailed report and recommendations to get your hive ready for winter. -I will also check for any signs of varroa/AFB/SHB and finally, I'll inspect the hive for any signs of queen health and make sure the hive is functioning properly. Autumn Bee Diagnostics is a great way to make sure your hive is healthy and ready for the winter season. With my help, you can be sure your bees will have a safe and productive winter.

Autumn Bee Diagnostics 9/30/23

  • this inspection is up to 1 hr max. Does not matter how many hives you have it is what ever I can cover in 45 min (15 min for set up and clean up).

    *price depends on travel distance from 95838

    this inspetion is for 9/16/23

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