Paul's Bees
Paul's Bees

About Paul's Bees

My goal is to raise strong and healthy bees to provide pollination service to farms and  natural honey to everyone.


Paul's bees specialized in following services.


1) Pollination service

2)a  Natural honey production

      b. Bees wax

       c. Propolis

         d. Pollen

           e. Royal jelly

3) Swarm removal


It is getting harder and harder for growers to find good healthy bees for pollination. Bee colonies have been declining dramatically past few years and it is getting harder for beekeepers to maintain bee colonies all over the world. However, I do my best to keep bees strong and healthy whole year round.

 I provide honest and dependable service to all growers. I deliver my bees on time and maintain them during pollination period. 

I do not mind if you inspect my hives because I guaranty good bees. For more information contact me 916-600-6124

916 -600-6124 916 -600-6124

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