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One of the first questions that comes in a person’s mind when starting beekeeping is “what should I get a Package or a Nuc?


Advantages of Paul’s Bees Nucleus.

1) You are getting an established good performing QUEEN!

2) You do not have to introduce or release a queen.

3) Nuc already have brood, so there will be no decline of bee population, it will just keep growing.

4)You get 5 drawn honey comb frames, bees do not have to use food source and energy to build comb.

5) Most of my customers start to split their hives around July.

6) Bees in your nuc will be treated for mites and nosema during almond pollination.

7) You can always call or txt me if you have any questions.


Here I will explain what are my Nucleus and how I get them ready.

Early in the spring I deliver my bees to the Almond orchards for pollination services. By the end of pollination, which is around mid March I start making Nucleus.

1) I find a good performing queen in my hive.

2) I take 3 brood and 2 food frames loaded with bees from the same hive.

3) I place all 5 frames in the nuc box

4) I introduce queen cell to the original hive.

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