Bees for sale

                      Have you ever wanted to start keeping bees?

                   Everything starts here.

I have bee nucs available for sale starting mid March-August. 

The queens are Carniolan/Italian mix ,which are resistant to chalkbrood, American Foulbrood, Varroa Mite and also honey productive. Very hygienic bees.
All bees have been treated for mites and nosema.

(we only use ORGANIC treatments on our bees)


You will have to come to Sacramento CA to pick them up.

Pick up date and time will be scheduled  starting mid March. 

You will be notified 1 week in advance when your  bees are ready for pick up.

*Delivery is available on bigger orders, contact us for details.

What's Included:
• 5 Deep frames covered in young bees. (Includes 3+ frames of various stages of Brood, Eggs, & Larvae, with 2 frames of honey & pollen.)
• 2021 mated and established laying queen 
• Bees come in a reusable cardboard nuc box for easy transportation 
• Deposit or payment in full is required to reserve your nuc. Remaining payment is due  at the pick up.

Nuc's Price list


1-10  $165
11-25 $160

100+  call  916-600-6124

To confirm an order call or txt to 916-600-6124

1-5 nucs deposit $165
6-19 nucs deposit $350
20-50 nucs   deposit $500
51+ deposit is 15% of the total sum.
you can pay it using any credit card or Paypal  with 4% tax
you can mail  the check or pay me in person.
contact me for address.

Place your order asap. No shipping. You will have to come to  Sacramento to pick them up.

*Delivery is available on bigger orders, contact us for details.

Reviews from Customers 


I just wanted to say thank you. The bees look great, you guys did an awesome job.


Jake, Seattle WA



Checked my hive today, the nucs I purchased from you are doing really well, best nukes I've bought so far. should be adding a box within a week, Thanks. 


Terry Hill, Eugene OR



The nuke we got from you on Saturday was successfully installed and bees are happy and hard at work. Do you have any more?


James, Sacramento CA